Making blockchain technology ​accessible, understandable, and ​beneficial for everyone

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About Us

Welcome to AMPLIFI3R, a pioneering consulting and ​marketing agency dedicated to bridging the gap ​between blockchain technology and everyday life.

Founded on the principle that blockchain's potential ​extends far beyond the confines of cryptocurrency, ​we aim to illuminate its practical applications for the ​general public.

AMPLIFI3R is at the forefront of the blockchain ​revolution, making it accessible, understandable, and ​beneficial for everyone.

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It's crucial to enlighten more ​people about how blockchain ​technology will transform our ​everyday lives.

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Jerry Weng

Founder & CEO

Our Focus

At AMPLIFI3R, we are dedicated to promoting and demystifying blockchain's real-world applications across 4 pivotal ​areas.

Global Cross-​Border Payments

Blockchain technology ​revolutionizes global ​transactions, ensuring ​faster and more secure ​cross-border payments.

Customer Loyalty ​Programs

Blockchain redefines ​customer engagement by ​creating secure, user-​friendly loyalty and reward ​systems.

Real World Assets ​(RWA)

The digitization of physical ​assets through blockchain ​offers improved liquidity ​and opens new avenues ​for investment.

Supply Chain ​Management

Blockchain boosts supply ​chain transparency and ​efficiency, smoothing the ​journey from production to ​delivery.

Our Team

We are a team of seasoned marketing professionals ​with a rich history of crafting successful marketing ​campaigns for globally recognized brands.

Our expertise spans across traditional marketing ​landscapes, and we share a unified passion for the ​transformative potential of blockchain technologies.

Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and ​enthusiasm for innovation, we are committed to ​demystifying blockchain for a broader audience.

Our Services

AMPLIFI3R propels blockchain from niche to necessity through:


PR & Digital Marketing

We blend strategic press releases with digital ​marketing to spotlight your blockchain project, ​ensuring maximum visibility.


Event Management

From workshops to large-scale events, we craft ​engaging experiences that connect innovators, ​enthusiasts, and the blockchain-curious.



Our goal is to simplify blockchain, offering ​workshops and content that make the ​technology accessible and understandable to all.


Local Ambassador

As connectors between global projects and local ​markets, we ensure your initiative resonates and ​thrives through community engagement and ​cultural insight.

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